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Financial Literacy Builds Wealth

May 31, 2021 Melissa Houston / Jackie Porter Episode 42
The Business Society Podcast
Financial Literacy Builds Wealth
Show Notes

“In that moment with that advisor, I made a decision that I wanted to be wealthy… and I’ve not looked back.”

—  Jackie Porter

Jackie Porter may have found her way into finance accidentally — but she quickly realized how powerful it is to understand how money works and how to build wealth.

Now she works to empower other women to become financially literate, take control of their money, and position themselves for a comfortable retirement. 

Jackie’s book, Single by Choice or Chance: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Living Longer, Better, was written to help women design life plans that help them achieve not only their financial goals, but their career, relationship, and other personal goals.

It’s a mission that Jackie takes very seriously.

"People feel very intimidated talking about their finances, especially if they don’t feel they did things right or correctly,” Jackie explains. “Maybe they’re going through a divorce and trying to recover their circumstances, or their business isn’t where they want to be... let’s just think about the future you want to create — what do you need to do to get there?”

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

>  The differences between female millennials & boomers when it comes to money and entrepreneurship 

>  The importance of finding your financial tribe & choosing professionals who are a good fit for your account

>  Questions you should ask your finance professional — and questions they should ask you

About Jackie Porter

Jackie Porter is an award-winning Certified Financial Planner, author, mentor, and speaker with 23 years of experience. She’s helped thousands of clients keep thousands of dollars in their pockets. As the ‘Financial Confidante’, her advice and strategies have appeared in top publications such as Forum, Wealth, Professional, Investment Executive, The Toronto Star,  and The Globe & Mail. She shares her advice at conferences, in radio interviews, and on podcasts and television programs, and won the 2019 Wealth Professional Female Trailblazer of the Year award.

Highlights:‌ ‌

01:40  Meet Jackie Porter

03:53  Women, finances & typical clients

05:42  Generational differences

06:40  Money, shame & sexism

08:00  Choose the right professional

10:10  Single by Choice or Chance

12:36  Get to know your professional

14:49  Jackie’s products & process

16:46  No savings/pension

18:59  The accidental advisor

25:30  Takeaway


Jackie Porter

Twitter/Instagram: @jackieportercfp

Single by Choice or Chance: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Living Longer, Better

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