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How To Run More Than One Successful Business

December 13, 2021 Melissa Houston / Alli Webb Episode 79
The Business Society Podcast
How To Run More Than One Successful Business
Show Notes

Alli Webb is not only a brilliant entrepreneur with multiple businesses under her belt, she’s also a queen of reinvention.

In 2008, Alli co-founded Drybar, the budget-friendly blow-out salon that’s grown to 150+ locations. Since selling Drybar, she’s co-launched Squeeze, a franchise concept offering a better massage experience...

Okay Humans, an affordable membership that helps clients find and book in with qualified therapists in their area…

...and Becket & Quill, a jewelry line that’s high-end, not high-spend.

The goal of each? To bring the products and services that people crave within reach, through a dual focus on quality AND accessibility — an approach Alli describes as “affordable luxury.”

She and her fiance also co-founded The Impact Series, which hosts two-day retreats taught by founders and coaches.

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • What she would do differently if launching Drybar today
  • What she loves most about the franchise model (and what sets Squeeze apart!)
  • The common challenges entrepreneurs report during The Impact Series sessions

About Alli Webb: Alli Webb co-founded Drybar in 2008, and has since co-founded new ventures including Squeeze, Okay Humans, Becket & Quill, and The Impact Series. She is the host of the Raising The Bar podcast and author of The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All.

01:04  Intro
03:19  Meet Alli Webb
05:35  Squeeze & Becket & Quill
07:33  Franchising
08:20  The Impact Series
10:51  Common challenges
13:29  Reinvention
15:07  Drybar lessons
19:56  Business coaches
24:31  Takeaway

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