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Have You Started Planning For Your Biz Taxes Yet?

December 19, 2022 Melissa Houston Episode 127
She Means Profit
Have You Started Planning For Your Biz Taxes Yet?
Show Notes

“Planning can help you avoid being blindsided by a large tax bill and can also help you take advantage of opportunities to lower the taxes that are owed.”

—  Melissa Houston

Tax season. Did those words just send a chill down your spine? Did you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? Tax season is rarely pleasant for anyone, but business owners in particular often live in fear of being surprised by a large and unexpected tax bill… especially when they don’t have the savings to cover it (yikes!).

In fact, the tax season surprise is one of the most common complaints that I hear from the entrepreneurs and business owners who reach out to work with me.

If you’re currently dreading tax season, this episode is for you — I share my top tips for avoiding massive tax bills, bust the most common tax myths currently floating around, and pull back the curtain on some of the worst tax advice you may have heard!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • What you can do to stay on the government’s good side — and reduce your chances of triggering an audit! 
  • How to ensure that you’re taking advantage of all of the deductions that you are entitled to 
  • How to plan ahead and prepare yourself (and your business) for tax season 


Highlights:‌ ‌

00:50  Intro

01:56  Bad tax advice

07:03  Understanding tax obligations

09:35  Keep good records

10:38  Know your filing requirements

11:18  Claim your deductions

11:42  Stay up-to-date on the tax code

12:49  Plan ahead

16:34  Be mindful & proactive

18:09  Conclusion


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