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Semi-Passive Income with Lisa Johnson

February 06, 2023 Melissa Houston / Lisa Johnson Episode 134
She Means Profit
Semi-Passive Income with Lisa Johnson
Show Notes

“The rhetoric out there at the moment is people aren’t buying—‘if you launch something at the moment, it’s really difficult.’ It isn’t. It’s just that our audiences have grown smarter.” —Lisa Johnson

If you’re tired of trading time for money, and want to learn how to work smarter instead of harder in order to build your wealth, this is an episode for you.

My guest Lisa Johnson is a multi-seven- figure global business strategist who makes 90% of her money through passive or semi-passive income streams, while working less than 30 hours per month. Yes, you read that correctly!

In a single launch during the pandemic, she made $3 million dollars. In just ONE WEEK. (Nearly half of that in just the first hour of sales.)

Lisa is known as a Passive Income Queen, and in this episode, she and I dive into the massive effect that money mindset can have on your business, how to make new earnings work for you in order to make more, and why you should read her book, Make Money Online: Halve Your Hours, Double Your Earnings & Love Your Life.

Listen now to discover:‌

  • The difference between passive and semi-passive income—and how to benefit from both
  • How to adapt to shifting consumer tastes (and what modern buyers need from you!)
  • How Lisa’s podcast attracted the attention of two different publishing houses and led to a book deal

Bonus: learn Lisa’s #1 tip for growing an engaged audience online!

Lisa Johnson is a UK-based is a multi-seven- figure global business strategist who helps ambitious people create passive and semi-passive income streams. She is the host of the Making Money Online with Lisa Johnson podcast and an ambassador for the anti-bullying charity Bullies Out.


00:50  Intro

01:54  Meet Lisa Johnson

02:56  “Semi-passive income”

05:34  From DIY course to live

07:15  From podcast to book

10:24  Money mindset matters

13:08  Dealing with new wealth

15:28  Self worth & making money

18:59  Shifting consumer tastes

21:16  Growing an engaged audience

23:52  Takeaway


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