She Means Profit

We Need To Talk About Fear.

November 15, 2021 Melissa Houston / Elaine Turso Episode 75
She Means Profit
We Need To Talk About Fear.
Show Notes

“Before you can grow your business, you have to grow your mindset. You have to be actively working on your issues that are keeping you in a place of ‘stuck.’”

—Elaine Turso

Elaine Turso is an intuitive business consultant, creative entrepreneur, and Chief Visionary Partner for INsource It Marketing Agency. Elaine helps her clients get their businesses up and running through helping with their ideas, tech, workflows, and mindset.

Through experience, she’s learned that the mindset work is especially important!

Some clients have spent months (and thousands of dollars) preparing to launch their businesses… only to walk away at the last moment because of fear.

“If someone is trying to grow, they have to have a growth mindset otherwise they will sabotage their own success,” Elaine says. “Fear is that four-letter F word that really just stands in our way, all the time.”

In this episode, We talk about how to deal with imposter syndrome, mindset issues standing between you and your launch, and attract leads (without feeling like you’re delivering a sales pitch)!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • The biggest mindset issues that Elaine has faced while growing all her businesses— why she stopped undervaluing herself
  • Why you NEED to stop caring about what other people think—and start doing your own thing
  • Why you should be automating everything in your business APART from relationship-building

About Elaine Turso: Elaine Turso is an intuitive business consultant and Chief Visionary Partner for INsource It Marketing Agency. She enjoys supporting other entrepreneurs with their businesses and getting sh*t done for them so they can focus on their zone of genius. She is the founder of the No Excuses Network.


01:45  Meet Elaine Turso

04:31  Fear of the shift

07:39  Tech, automation & connection

10:40  Typical client issues

14:03  Elaine’s biggest fears

19:13  Elaine’s books

20:52  Working through fears

22:56  Book & calendar stories

25:45  Takeaway


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