She Means Profit

What Makes You Unique In Your Marketplace?

November 29, 2021 Melissa Houston / Courtney Foster-Donahue Episode 77
She Means Profit
What Makes You Unique In Your Marketplace?
Show Notes

“There has never been — nor will there ever be — anyone else who is you, who has your unique combination of skills and talents and experiences and passion.”

—Courtney Foster-Donahue

What makes you unique in your marketplace? And how can you leverage that uniqueness to grow your business in the digital space?

Courtney Foster-Donahue helps entrepreneurs and business owners boost their revenue, expand their offers, and scale beyond 1:1 through digital marketing and course creation!

While Courtney’s background in theatre, music, and dance may be a bit unusual in the business world, she’s leaned into her unorthodox skills and learned how to leverage them in her entrepreneurial career.

“As a choreographer, if you can teach grown men how to do ballet, you can probably help business owners learn how to use the Facebook Pixel,” Courtney says. “Because of my background, I’m naturally a good teacher, I’m naturally a good storyteller. I understand the importance of story, which is everything in marketing.”

Courtney shares some fabulous insights on how to grow and market a successful online business, as well as her own incredible story of how she started her entrepreneurial career accidentally—while bedridden!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • The challenges facing online course creators right now—and why market saturation IS NOT one of them!
  • How to pinpoint your unique skills  and use them to create value for your customers
  • Digital marketing strategies to help you grow your audience and reach your ideal clients while doing what you love!

About Courtney Foster-Donahue: Courtney is a four-time entrepreneur and business strategist. She founded and runs a multi-million dollar course company and has helped tens of thousands of business owners around the world grow their businesses through digital courses and digital marketing.


01:03  Intro

01:34  Meet Courtney Foster-Donahue

04:38  Courtney’s entrepreneurial journey

12:36  Online course challenges

14:44  Leveraging talents

19:29  Reaching potential clients

23:18  Takeaway


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