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February 21, 2022 Melissa Houston / Zoë Barry Episode 89
The Business Society Podcast
Learn The Game Of Investing
Show Notes

“You should really understand how you’re setting yourself up for the future, in terms of your financial health. Any time you’re looking at your life, your career, your objectives — financial health should be one of them.”

—  Zoë Barry

You may know about the birds and the bees… but what about the bulls and the bears?

While the stock market has leapt up 330% in the past 12 years, the vast majority of people have completely missed out. Many intelligent people have never purchased stocks before, because they feel intimidated by the market or just lack knowledge about how it all works.

My guest would love to change that!

Zoë Barry, founder and CEO of tech start-up Zingeroo, is an angel investor who has helped fund over 40 businesses led by women and underrepresented founders and one of the few women in the US to launch a brokerage retail trading platform. 

Zoë’s expertise spans not only playing the stock market intelligently, but also working as a female entrepreneur in the fintech industry. From the challenge of building rapport and identification with male investors to exactly what happens when you sign up for a retail trading platform, this episode explores the experience of women in finance — and how to increase your wealth and success!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • Why women entrepreneurs have a better chance of receiving investment from male investors with daughters 
  • Zoë’s best advice for women seeking to launch businesses in the fintech industry 
  • How Zoë has created a positive work culture with a workforce that is 50% remote


About Zoë Barry: Zoë Barry is a serial entrepreneur, a mentor in residence at Techstars, and an angel investor. Currently, Zoë is the founder and CEO of Zingeroo, her second venture-backed tech startup. The company is currently operating in stealth mode and has raised $3 million to date. Zingeroo was founded in 2019 and its team is 50% female.



01:05  Intro

02:39  Meet Zoë Barry

05:07  Launching a trading platform

06:58  Women in fintech

08:45  Zoë’s mentors & investors

11:09  Biggest challenges

13:27  Brick-and-mortar v. distributed

14:18  Advice for women launching in fintech

16:00  Joining a retail trading platform

19:05  Gender breakdown

20:11  Talking about money

24:07  Takeaway


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